King of Bad – OUT NOW!

It’s finally here! The fourth and final book in the stand-alone, Kings of Karmichael series is out now! Download on Amazon or read for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Maddox Barkley is the King of Bad. Teenage heartthrob drummer for the Kings of Karmichael. Ever since the Kings became the hottest band on the planet, he’s indulged in everything his celebrity status provides and has embraced the rock star cliché proudly. Parties. Drinks. Girls. The King of Bad is living life one hundred miles per hour and has no intent on slowing down any time soon. Then he meets Cece Mavin.

Cecelia Mavin, also known to the press as Little Miss Mavin, the Princess of LA, and Baby Mavin; That last one is at the top of her most hated. Sure, she grew up spoiled and caused more than enough headaches for her parents as an entitled little rich girl. But she’s determined to put that immaturity behind her and prove to her father she can handle a piece of her father’s empire.

As the driving force behind Luxe, a glamorous nightclub catering to the rich and famous, Cece hires Maddox as the club’s inaugural resident DJ. After a turbulent back and forth between the two, they finally come together, only to be blindsided by a powerful force determined to keep them apart.

When fame and money are no object, is love enough to overcome all obstacles?

King of Bad is the fourth and final book in the stand-alone series, Kings of Karmichael.



Queen of Kings – OUT NOW!

Jade Barkley loves touring the world and playing in front of thousands of fans. As the Queen of Kings, bass player for the Kings of Karmichael, she’d never leave the band. They’re family.

But when the opportunity presents itself to record new music at Rich Records, she takes it. Sure, it comes with conniving record exec Jimmy Richards. Not to mention, her boyfriend trying to sneak in studio time in hopes of becoming a rock star. But Jade feels like it’s the perfect spot to get new music out of her system.

Thanks to his father, Austin Richards knows the record business as well as anyone. He couldn’t care less about the glitz and glamour that comes with the industry, though. That’s why he’s going to college to become a music teacher. Just don’t tell his father, who’s paying his tuition, expecting Austin to join Rich Records upon graduation.

After venting over Jimmy Richards, Jade meets Austin, but he’s too embarrassed to tell her who his father is. Instead, he uses his mother’s maiden name. While Jade records in the studio, the two grow closer, drawn to one another through music.

But when Jade finally learns who Austin is, the trust she placed in him feels broken beyond compare. Can Austin prove to her that he’s not who she thinks he is? Or was everything between them a lie from the start?

Queen of Kings is a stand-alone book in the Kings of Karmichael series. The books are told in chronological order but can each be read on their own.


King of Nice is OUT NOW!

EJ Tyler is one of the Kings of Karmichael—the hottest band in the world. Each band member were given their own nickname, which has since become their personal branding. EJ is the King of Nice. And he hates it.

What kind of girl wants to go out with the nice King, when his bassist is the hot Queen, his brother is a teen heartthrob known as the King of Hearts, and his drummer is the baddest of bad boys, the King of Bad? Being the King of Nice has become a black cloud that hangs over his career because nice guys finish last, and EJ is proof.

Skye Robbins isn’t a heartbreaker, no matter what all the celebrity blogs and news sites are saying. She’s not a huge rock star, like the Kings of Karmichael, but she has some status. Unfortunately, the last few guys she’s gone out with have used that to their advantage to try and gain sympathy from the media and further their career. And Skye’s had enough of it.

When Skye and EJ come to Las Vegas for a month-long music festival, the two agree to a plan that could help both of them get rid of the monikers that they desperately want to ditch. Setting up a fake relationship should be easy. They’ll go out for a while, and at the end, EJ will break up with Skye. She’ll help him party in Vegas, besmirching his nice reputation, and she’ll act heartbroken in the end, proving she’s not the girl everyone believes she is.

But the more time EJ and Skye spend together, the more they begin having feelings for one another. As the deadline looms for the breakup, what happens when the lines blur between what’s real and what’s part of their deal?