Platinum Hearts available in two weeks!

It’s finally time for my next book, and it’s the first book in a brand new series!

Platinum Hearts is a little Mean Girls and a little Romeo & Juliet! It’s available on June 22nd for download and will also be free to read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!

Here’s the synopsis:

Kat Jackson is a scholarship student at Ocean Crest High and has had to deal with contempt for the last four years. Scholarship students at Ocean Crest are looked at by most as the bottom of the barrel. Especially by the Platinums, who call them Loaders. The freeloaders of Ocean Crest. The lowest of the low.

Zach Peterson is not only one of the hottest guys at Ocean Crest, he’s also a Platinum. The Platinums are the richest and most popular students in school. If there’s one thing the Platinum’s hate more than their credit cards maxing out or trust funds running low, it’s the Loaders. But there’s a secret Zach’s kept from even his closest friends. His platinum status has been gone ever since his father died.

To help make things a little easier on his mother, who’s the sole provider for Zach and his brother now, Zach gets a part-time job. Answering a help wanted sign for a local food truck, Zach’s world is turned upside down when he discovers the pizza truck owner is Kat Jackson’s mom.

Zach and Kat couldn’t be more opposite, but Kat soon learns Zach’s platinum ranking is more illusion than fact. Zach is realizing Loaders aren’t the groveling peasants his friends think of them as. A connection starts to form between the two, but are their feelings enough to overcome the war between their social status? Plus, there are the other Platinums who’ll do anything to save their friend from being linked to a Loader. Are Kat and Zach destined to find a happily ever after or become star-crossed lovers?


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