Queen of Kings – OUT NOW!

Jade Barkley loves touring the world and playing in front of thousands of fans. As the Queen of Kings, bass player for the Kings of Karmichael, she’d never leave the band. They’re family.

But when the opportunity presents itself to record new music at Rich Records, she takes it. Sure, it comes with conniving record exec Jimmy Richards. Not to mention, her boyfriend trying to sneak in studio time in hopes of becoming a rock star. But Jade feels like it’s the perfect spot to get new music out of her system.

Thanks to his father, Austin Richards knows the record business as well as anyone. He couldn’t care less about the glitz and glamour that comes with the industry, though. That’s why he’s going to college to become a music teacher. Just don’t tell his father, who’s paying his tuition, expecting Austin to join Rich Records upon graduation.

After venting over Jimmy Richards, Jade meets Austin, but he’s too embarrassed to tell her who his father is. Instead, he uses his mother’s maiden name. While Jade records in the studio, the two grow closer, drawn to one another through music.

But when Jade finally learns who Austin is, the trust she placed in him feels broken beyond compare. Can Austin prove to her that he’s not who she thinks he is? Or was everything between them a lie from the start?

Queen of Kings is a stand-alone book in the Kings of Karmichael series. The books are told in chronological order but can each be read on their own.


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