New Release and Sale TOMORROW!

Tomorrow (July 9th) Courting the Nerd comes out!

Courting the Nerd is a short story that takes place in the middle of True to You. As such, there are spoilers for True to You in it, so if you don’t want spoilers, it’s recommended to read True to You first.

Because of that, True to You will be ON SALE from July 9th thru July 13th for only .99cents!

If you haven’t read True to You yet, this would be the perfect time to pick it up because it most likely won’t go on sale for a while.

If you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, you’ll be able to read Courting the Nerd and True to You for free. If you’re not, you can pre-order Courting the Nerd right now. Just follow this link:


It’s time to reveal the cover for Courting the Nerd. Ready?








So what do you think? Do you love it? I love it!! It’s great!

I don’t have a firm release date just yet. I’m hoping to lock that down within the next week or so, but it is definitely coming out in July.

This is a short story that takes place in the middle of True to You. As such, I’m calling it book 2.5. That means there will be slight spoilers for Matt and Izzy’s story. So if you haven’t read True to You, and don’t want spoilers, I’d recommend reading that before you read this short story. Want the synopsis? Here you go!



Natalie Frasier might not be the most popular girl in Woodbridge High, but she’s definitely on the first rung. She’s also on her way to being class valedictorian and she just made prom court, so who knows? Maybe she’ll be able to add prom queen to her high school resume before she heads off to college.

Sam Patterson is the prototypical nerd. Glasses, talks about sci-fi shows and comic books with his friends, and runs debate and chess club. As the saying goes, if you looked up the definition of a nerd his picture would be there. And now he can add another accolade to his high school biography: senior prom court joke vote.

When the prom court is announced, everyone knows who the joke votes are for the guys and the girls. And everyone knows the joke votes are always paired together. Except this year they’re not. Sam gets paired up with Natalie, much to both of their surprise. Now they have to survive one week as prom court couples. That’s if they can survive each other.