King of Nice is OUT NOW!

EJ Tyler is one of the Kings of Karmichael—the hottest band in the world. Each band member were given their own nickname, which has since become their personal branding. EJ is the King of Nice. And he hates it.

What kind of girl wants to go out with the nice King, when his bassist is the hot Queen, his brother is a teen heartthrob known as the King of Hearts, and his drummer is the baddest of bad boys, the King of Bad? Being the King of Nice has become a black cloud that hangs over his career because nice guys finish last, and EJ is proof.

Skye Robbins isn’t a heartbreaker, no matter what all the celebrity blogs and news sites are saying. She’s not a huge rock star, like the Kings of Karmichael, but she has some status. Unfortunately, the last few guys she’s gone out with have used that to their advantage to try and gain sympathy from the media and further their career. And Skye’s had enough of it.

When Skye and EJ come to Las Vegas for a month-long music festival, the two agree to a plan that could help both of them get rid of the monikers that they desperately want to ditch. Setting up a fake relationship should be easy. They’ll go out for a while, and at the end, EJ will break up with Skye. She’ll help him party in Vegas, besmirching his nice reputation, and she’ll act heartbroken in the end, proving she’s not the girl everyone believes she is.

But the more time EJ and Skye spend together, the more they begin having feelings for one another. As the deadline looms for the breakup, what happens when the lines blur between what’s real and what’s part of their deal?

RH Goes To The Movies

I don’t update my blog enough. I’ll be posting my movie and TV show reviews here because why not.

Don’t worry, my reviews aren’t a bunch of words that string along, paragraph after paragraph, critically eyeing the director’s motives, the actor’s portrayal and whether it’s good enough to when them a Golden Glode or Academy Award.

I simply say if I like a movie or not in a couple of sentences. And I’m grading them in popcorn!

So with that, let’s get into the last few movies I’ve seen over the last couple of weeks.


Tall Girl

I really enjoyed this one. And I love a good call-back in stories, so I thought the milk crate/box thingy at the end of clever!


The Kissing Booth

So this one bummed me out because I was expecting to like this one a lot. Lots of stuff in this felt forced, and I wasn’t a huge fan of the music either. It felt like they were *trying* to make it an eighties teen movie. Bummer.


Sierra Burgess is a Loser

This one caught me by surprise and I enjoyed it the most. Shannon Purser as excellent, as usual, but other cast members like RJ Cyler and Kristine Froseth I thought were great. I loved this one 🙂