Long Time No Blog. Oops!

Wow. I went four months without updating the blog.


I’ve just been busy, over here in my writer’s cave, typing away. I just got the edits back to Rumor Has It. I’ll be going over those, while editing Rumor Has It, book 2 and book 3, which I just finished.



I’m also editing the short story that I’ll be giving away soon! Yeah, that sounds like a lot of editing, and it kind of is. But it comes with the territory, I guess. A writer’s job is never done.

Well, simple enough update for now. I’ll leave you with a recommendation, since I haven’t done that in a while.

I recently burned through Jay McLean’s More Than Series. It’s pretty awesome. I also just started reading the spin-off series, The Preston Brothers. I really love this series guys. It’s great and I highly recommend it. If you’re in Kindle Unlimited, as of this writing they are all in KU, so go read them!

Sidenote: Picture is from Pages & Lace, who had a quick post about all these books. I loved her picture, so giving credit here.

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