FREE SHORT STORY – One of a Kind

One of a Kind is a short story that takes place a year before Rumor Has It, and it’s finally available!

So, remember Emma talking about that cute boy she liked her junior year, Paxton? (What’s that? You haven’t read Rumor Has It? What are you waiting for?! It’s available on Amazon and free to read with Kindle Unlimited!) Anyways, Paxton was barely on two pages. But as soon as I wrote that small scene, I knew I needed to write a little more Paxton. So I did!

This short story takes place before Rumor Has It and offers no spoilers for any of the books that are out. And it is not going to be for sale. One of a Kind is exclusive to newsletter subscribers.

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Here’s the synopsis for One of a Kind:

Paxton Humphries is Woodbridge High’s resident emo-art freak. He’s heard every barb and insult in the book and has learned to roll with the punches. Literally. His best friends know who he really is and that’s enough for him. Sure, it’d be great if braggadocious jocks like Will Jones didn’t make fun of him or always get the girl. Especially incredibly smart and cute girls, like Desiree Williams. A girl he was just about to ask out at the beginning of the year, before Will beat him to it.ย 

Desiree tells everyone Will is nice. And he was, er, is. Heย can beย nice. She should be happy, dating one of the most popular guys in school. So why has she found herself feeling much more comfortable talking and laughing with Paxton during their class, than when she’s actually with her boyfriend? And why can’t she stop staring at his lips or that lip ring?


Cover Reveal!

It’s finally time to show off the covers to the first three Rumor Has It books! You ready? With the covers I have a small blurb for them. I didn’t update my IG account with the blurbs, because they are still being edited, so they may not be the final blurb when the books are released. But for the blog, you can get an idea of what the books will be about. Cool? Cool.


Here we go!



Blurb (not final edit)

The rumors Carter Dixon deals with at Woodbridge High are everywhere. And he likes it that way. One small little hook up, combined with a bathroom scandal during his senior year homecoming dance, sent the rumor mill into overdrive. Now, he’s The Man. At least, as far as everyone believes. So what if he’s not really what everything thinks. But when he accidentally texts the wrong person, he starts to wish he’d never let the rumor mill run rampant.

Emma Sanchez couldn’t care less about high school drama. Senior year is half way over and she’s just focused on applying to a good art school, graduating, and not getting involved. Okay, there is the occasional boy talk with her best friend. Then she gets a text message from an unknown number, and starts to think maybe there is a guy out there unlike the typical high school boys. Especially guys like Carter Dixon.

One wrong number, could lead to the right person.





Blurb (not final edit)

Matt Hillard: Senior Class President? Check. Three-year varsity receiver who took all-state honors? Check. This year’s homecoming king and a shoe-in for senior prom king too? Check. Cosplaying Nerd? Che–Hey, hey, no one’s supposed to know about that.

Izzy Jacobs is Woodbridge High’s resident YouTube star. Her channel, touting over 30k subscribers, covers all things nerd: hot anime guys, summer Marvel movies, and the latest graphic novels. She’s a nerd and she loves it. When she learns President McHottie, Matt Hillard, is actually a hottie mcfanboy, the nerd sparks fly.

Would you be willing to take off your mask for the right person?




Blurb (not final edit)

High school is finally over and for Lucas Mitchell, it couldn’t come fast enough. His neighbor, and former best friend, hasn’t wanted anything to do with him since freshman year. Maybe now that school’s over, and he won’t have to see her every day, he can finally move on. Maybe he can finally convince himself that he hasn’t been in love with her since the third grade. Maybe…

Jen Harris went through four years of high school boys, never once wanting to give her heart to any of them. Why would she, when the boy she had a crush on from the moment she moved next door to, broke it four years ago. Then, she makes one bad decision: she trusts someone with her heart. Now she remembers why she never wanted to do that. Now she remembers why she’s tried to hate Lucas for as long as she has. Because trusting people with your heart is pointless and only leads to heartbreak.

What do you do when you can’t stop loving someone who hates you? What can you do to hate someone you love?


So, yeah. I’m super excited to finally reveal the covers!


The Rumor Has It series is a stand-alone contemporary series. I’m planning on releasing a total of 7 RHI books, each one telling the story of a different couple. While you can read them out of order, there are slight spoilers, about the previous couple getting together.

I was planning on releasing these at the end of this month, but that is being pushed back to next month. The books are still being edited and as an independent author, I’m making sure I have everything in order before they’re released. So by the end of March, they should be available as ebooks. I’m not sure if paperbacks will be ready by then, but if not they’ll be coming soon after.

Alright, I guess it’s time I get back to work!