MAY i see you in June…

Haha! Get it? Because it’s the end of May. And next month is June. So hopefully *ahem* May I see you in June? No?

I’ll see myself out.


Just posting a little update on the website. If you scroll down to my last post from the beginning of the month, you’ll see I still have my FREE short story available. This will not be available on retail sites, only to newsletter subscribers. So feel free to join. In the newsletter I’ll just post periodic updates about upcoming books, excerpts and any future short stories I might have coming up *cough*I’ll be releasing one soon and newsletter subscribers get first dibs and first looks at the covers*cough*.

So anyways, yeah. I’m just over here, trying to write my little fingers off. Actually, I don’t know if my fingers are little. Average size maybe? Above average, yeah, I’ll go with that. No. I guess average…



So, anyways, yeah, lots of stuff going down in June. I’ll be sure to share more when it happens. Plus, still writing book 4, which I’m 99% sure of the title, but still holding off. When I know for sure, I’ll let everyone know, newsletter subscribers first.


Okay, that’s all for now.

It’s gif-ebruary

I figured I’d start off the month with the obvious. It’s the second month of the year and that means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.




Yeah, I know. It sucks when you’re single. But never give up.



All it takes is one chance encounter. One wrong turn, down the right street. One little meet-cute when you bump in to someone at the gym, or supermarket, or coffee shop and they’re all…


or maybe even



But really, this blog post isn’t about Valentine’s Day



Okay, no seriously. It isn’t. It’s just an update that I’m still shooting to release the first three Rumor Has It books by the end of the month. I say “shooting for” because I’m not sure if Book 3 will be edited in time. If not, early March will have to do. But they are coming. For sure!

In a couple weeks, I’ll be revealing the covers. I love them. So… much…



Okay, that’s it for now. I didn’t mean to bash Valentine’s day to hard, so to make up for it, here are a few “thoughtful” ones I like.





And of course, my favorite.